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Tory Benning Mysteries

Welcome to the California coastal community of Santa Sofia, where landscape architect Tory Benning knows the lay of the land but has to dig through the clues to solve perplexing murders.


She’ll follow a harrowing path of twists and turns in Murder in the Secret Maze, wade through the dizzying aisles of firs and false clues in Murder in the Christmas Tree Lot, and comb through a patchwork of plots in Murder in the Community Garden.


Along with her feisty attorney friend, a heartthrob PI, and a local police detective—not to mention her loyal security detail, a Pomeranian and a black cat—landscape architect Tory Benning brings a whole new meaning to plants and plots in her quest to nab some of California’s most cunning criminals . . .

First in a new cozy mystery series featuring California landscape architect Tory Benning!

Landscape architect Tory Benning returns in a holiday mystery

tied up in a bow!


   Budding sleuth Tory Benning

       is back to solve another

     gardening murder mystery!

_Murder-in-the-community-garden (3) (1) (2) (1) (2).jpg

Come for the plants, stay for the plots!

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